Tips for WoW Gold – How To Level Up Your Alliance Character

With alliance characters being far more common than horde, many players want to know the best ways to level up your alliance character with minimal effort. So here are a few tips to leveling up your character…

Tip #1: Stock up on ammo

Before you go out on a quest or raid, make sure you have as much ammo as you can get. Preferably, take as much as you can afford, because you will tend to use up more ammo than you expect. It is surprising how common Hunters have to run back to town in the middle of a battle in order to get more supplies. Don’t let this happen to you!

Tip #2: Make sure your equipment is in perfect condition

The second thing you need to do before leaving town is check that all your equipment is fully repaired. Again, many players don’t do this, and end up having to repair their weapon while in the middle of a quest. So make sure all your weapons are in perfect condition before leaving town.

Tip #3: Use the first aid profession

If you are truly concerned about leveling, pick first aid as a profession. While not as common, first aid requires cloth, and has immediate benefits after battles. Compared to other professions, you can level up relatively quickly with the first aid profession.

Tip #4: Use thottbot

Always make use of the Thottbot, an online tool that you can use to help you out with quests. You can use thottbot to find the exact coordinated for your quest, or to get clearer instructions for what you need to do in your quest. You can use this to complete tasks much faster.

Tip #5: Use auto-run

Always use auto-run (activated by the num lock key) when you have to travel a very long way. You should do this whenever flying is not an option.

Tip #6: Destroy inventory when you are full

If you have a full inventory and don’t want to go back to town, simply destroy some of your inventory items. Just don’t destroy any important items you might need for your quest.

These tips are just the beginning. If you want much more advanced tips, you can invest in a strategy guide, which will reveal insider secrets you won’t find in free information (usually). Alternatively, if you don’t have the time and just want a high level character very fast, you can pay a power leveling company to level up your character for you.