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Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city with multiple personalities. For some it is a place to learn about Thai culture, for many it is a shopping paradise, for families it offers a host of activities that everyone can enjoy and for a millions of single men, it’s a nightclub centre and a place to meet some of Thailand’s most beautiful women.

You can meet Thai girls at bars, go-go bars, at the beach or just about anywhere in this friendly town. The question that guys often ask is where do I find a guest friendly hotel. If I want to invite my new friend back to my hotel, does the hotel welcome an extra guest, is it “girl friendly” or will I be charged a “joiner fee”?

5 Star Hotels

While many people think of Pattaya as Asia’s most vibrant nightlife centre, this is just one part of the tourist activities in Pattaya. Judging by hotel bookings, the lion’s share of hotel revenue is from older couples and families. Hotels target their business at one or more of these tourist groups, so you’ll find that the 5 star hotels and family oriented hotels like the larger resort hotels are generally not guest friendly. There’s one notable exception, Pattaya’s top rated hotel, the Rabbit Resort on Dongtan beach offers hospitality to all visitors, including their friends.

Walking Street Hotels

If you’re looking for a guest friendly hotel you’ll find that virtually all of the hotels, guesthouses and apartments close to the night life areas are guest friendly. In the Walking Street area you’ll find a good choice of popular and highly rated hotels.

On Soi Diamond, the street with more than a dozen go-go bars, there’s Diamond Beach Hotel, Galaxy Suites and Green View Serviced Apartments. Just nearby on Soi 14, there’s the Grand Hotel, with 80 rooms in a choice of styles, and Jasmine Hotel with 62 rooms, recently refurnished and a new indoor swimming pool, one of the highest rated Pattaya hotels on Trip Advisor. On Walking Street itself, there’s the Walking Street Guesthouse just above Sweethearts Go-Go and P.72 Hotel, with the street level bar that opens onto Walking Street. A great place to sit and watch the activities on Walking Street before going out for the evening.

Soi Buakhao Area Hotels

The Soi Buakhao area is another popular nightclub area. Here you’ll find an interesting mix of guest friendly hotels and guesthouses for visitors and apartments for Thais who work in the nightclubs and bars.

On Soi Buakhao itself, you’ll find Katesiree House, Laguna Buakhao House with Thai style furniture, Target Regency Guesthouse, and Rabbi’s Elephant Guesthouse which is also a meeting place for the Pattaya Golf Society.

Just off Soi Buakhao on Soi LK Metro mingled with the go-go bars, coyote bars and beer bars you find a bunch of guest-friendly hotels and guesthouses. If you like to hang out with aliens you’ll love Armageddon Guesthouse and Bar, and there’s Irish Rovers Guesthouse and Kilkenny Hotel with an Irish flavour. Close by you’ll find the popular Stags Head Guesthouse, and in the corner of the street, there’s Pasadena Lodge with a choice of 20 beautifully furnished rooms, in 4 different room styles.

Just across the road there’s Soi Chaiyapoon, famous for Crazy Daves café that serves breakfast 24 hours/day and Neeroys late night restaurant that offers fish ‘n chips and English style curries. Guest friendly guesthouses don’t get much friendlier than Canterbury Tales Café that has a bookstore and restaurant on the ground floor. Just further down the street, near the popular Maggie May’s bar there’s Chaiyapoon Inn & Restaurant.

For a more comprehensive guide to Guest Friendly hotels in the Pattaya area, and a guide to the city’s nightlife, check out my website at

Paris Hotels

Paris is one of the top tourist destinations in the world visited by more than 30 million foreign tourists each year. This capital city of France located on the River Seine is a favorite destination of students, traders, people on religious pilgrimages and couples on honeymoon. With a population of 9.93 million, this so-called “romantic city” is famous for its museums, universities, sports events, opera companies and for its fashion influence. The museums and monuments in Paris such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower are the most frequented attractions followed by the city’s famous cathedrals like the Notre-Dame.

Visitors to Paris can do so many things and stay in nice Paris hotels within the heart of the city. They should not be bothered about places to stay there as Paris hotels ranging from the two-star to the four-star ones are aplenty totaling 690 in all. Early booking is recommended. A fast and easy mode is to book online for a Paris hotel room. Below are some of the Paris hotels that offer great service as well as clean rooms.

Villathena is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Paris just near the Lazare train station and the Opera Garnier. Villathena features a modern and stylish interior design with a combination of pink bricks and precious stones. With 43 rooms, this new boutique hotel has a warm ambiance and friendly staff.

Concorde La Fayette situated in the center of Paris has the largest hotel lobby in the whole city. This 950-room Paris hotel offers luxury accommodation and modern facilities. The rooms are elegant and provide a one-of-a-kind view of Paris. The hotel has a shopping center, fitness gym, indoor swimming pool and conference facilities being just across the Palais des Congres or the conference center.

Hotel De Neuville is located in an elegant area of Paris, just walking distance from the Arc de Triomphe and the Palais de Congres. has 28 newly-refurbished guest rooms with modern facilities. This Paris hotel provides an intimate atmosphere. All their rooms have air-conditioning, cable TV, hair dryer and WiFi.

The Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal is located between the Louvre Museum and the Palais Royal gardens best recommended for visitors who aim to explore the culture of Paris. The hotel is in the center of the city’s first district where shopping, fashion and culture can be experienced. With 85 rooms available, this Paris hotel considered as one of the city’s historical monuments is spacious and very comfortable.

The Saint-James and Albany is another hotel in an ideal location. It is just in front of the Tuileries Gardens and very near the Louvres and Orsay museums, the Place de la Concorde as well as the Champs-Elysees, the park and the subway. This Paris hotel with 195 rooms is surrounded by the most renowned shops in the city.

Value hotels also exist in Paris catering to both business and leisure travelers. The Hotel Balzac has just been renovated and now has big rooms with modern facilities. The Duc de Saint-Simon Hotel is a peaceful,19th century hotel while the Hotel Littre provides an old-fashioned atmosphere and service. Hotel Britannique is another value hotel with six stories and personalized service. This Paris hotel’s bedrooms have their own unique character.

So book early and have a comfortable and an enriching stay in the city of Paris.