Does Cheap Travel From Seattle To Portland Exist? Cheap Travel From Seattle To Portland Naked Truth!

Are you in the market for and beginning to look for cheap travel from Seattle to Portland? feeling overwhelmed searching? In this quick article I will be divulging the truth when it comes to cheap travel from Seattle to Portland. There’s a few tricks you may have overlooked that could save you some cold hard cash!

Good job on you for actually clicking the link to become better acquainted with the myriad of ways to be a better travel planner and a smarter one. Today I am going to bust open the door on some ways you could be saving some more moolah that you might not have realized. You wanted to know if Cheap Travel From Seattle To Portland exists right? Yes it does and after the break I will tell you how to achieve it. Remember, it’s about what you know, not always how you go about it!

If Driving

If you’re driving then here’s some quick tips. You want to make the drive cheap as possible, so before you leave Seattle, you’re going to need to gas up. I recommend doing so outside the city for the best rates. Not in Capital Hill or the U-District, but more like the South Side or North Side. In the Rainier Valley is a Arco Gas station that boasts some of the cheapest rates around. It is worth the drive to it. It’s right on Martin Luther King Way St. If you’re following the Lightrail tracks south, you’re bound to see it. North Side in Lynnwood/Shoreline area also is a cheap Arco Gas station. Around 165th St.

Should pack your own snacks from home too! Convenience stores can be mighty expensive these days! And you don’t know how long that hotdog has been sitting.

If Using Public Transportation

Here’s the real secret that a lot of people still don’t know about. It’s called Bolt Bus and if you don’t mind public transportation it will save you some real deal cash for this trip. It takes roughly three hours (depending on traffic) and picks up and drops off in the heart of both cities. International District Station at Fifth Avenue South and King Street in Seattle and 647 S.W. Salmon St. in Portland. Best thing? It has fares as low as $1 each way! $1!! And the seats are comfortable leather and there’s WiFi included. Not bad for a bus! By the way, I am not sponsored by these guys. Just like sharing wisdom not everyone knows!

Okay, okay, I can’t divulge EVERYTHING I KNOW! Gotta keep some good travel secrets to myself. I do love to give a quick taste though to wet the appetite! So hope you enjoyed this quick article on two ways to save! Remember! Travel Smarter!

– Nicola

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